updated at 10:54pm on 18/06/2020

by Anonymous

Outstanding care

I visited today with my two year old son who has special needs. He is normally very unsettled during appointments but today was a smooth experience for both of us. The practitioner took the time to listen to my little boy and make sure he understood what was happening, consequently he remained very calm and happy during the appointment. As a parent of a child with special needs it helps so much when we are met with patience and understanding. We are both very thankful for receiving excellent care today.

Visited in September 2019, Posted on 09 September 2019

by David Glossop

Treatment at my local Surgery

Recently when having health problems I hav been seen by my local doctor who has been excellent in advising me on what treatment I should be given. On one occasion I was found to have a stone in my right kidney which needed immediate treatment that day and if he had not refered me to A & E they said it could have proven very serious On the second occasion I spoke to him on the phone & explained to him that I was having breathing problems and he said to go to see him immediately and when he checked me over said that I was to go A & E again which I did and they kept me in for 4 days due to them finding that I had got a large blood clot on my right lung. After these episodes the doctor has kept in touch with me tio check on how I am progressing, Today he had a discusssion with me at the Surgery & then said to see him again in 3 weeks time to discuss what has happened. I cannot praise the Surgery & all Staff memers on how they have all treated me with the greatest of respect. It is very reassuring to know that when one has a problem that we can be sure that we get good treatment. Many people criticise the NHS but I only have praise them for how they have treated me. Thank You very much.

Visited in August 2019, Posted on 19 August 2019