Speak Out Campaign


North West Cancer Research launched campaign to raise awareness of head and neck cancer.

Rates of head and neck cancer in the North West are 20% higher than the rest of the UK, and men are three times more likely to get it.

This week, North West Cancer Research has launched Don’t Be Silent. Speak Out to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms, encouraging anyone who is concerned to seek medical advice from their GP or dentist.

BBC Radio presenter Mark Radcliffe has also shared his story as part of the campaign.

He said: “I know that I am so lucky to be here today. My story could’ve been very different if I hadn’t gone to my doctor straightaway – I was told if it hadn’t been found so quickly, I would’ve had six to eight months to live, which is terrifying.

“The message is so simple – if you find a symptom, just get it checked it out.”

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Published: Sep 7, 2023