Clinical Services

Minor Op clinic

Minor op clinic is by GP referral only. The clinic is held where possible on Tuesday afternoon with Dr Tunji and Sam, our Healthcare Assistant. Patients whom are referred for minor surgery will be added to a waiting list and sent an appointment by letter or contacted directly by phone.


Long term condition management

As part of our commitment to high quality care for all, the practice nurse invites patients in for an annual review of their long term conditions. These patients will be contacted by practice staff offering an annual Long Term Condition review.  This will be done by mail, or if you prefer by text or email, if you have given your consent.

Clinical Services

 You can also telephone the practice yourself or attend our reception desk to make an appointment when the time is convenient to you.

Annual reviews give us the opportunity to see how you are coping with your condition and offer advice and support for your needs.   While we strongly encourage patients to attend their annual reviews, if you can’t, or don’t want to attend, we would be grateful if you could notify us so that we do not send you any more reminders until the following year.

The various types of review appointments we offer are run by our practice nurses and are each structured differently, depending on the condition being reviewed, so it is important to request the right appointment type from the receptionist when you book.

Our nurses provide specialised appointments in the following: Diabetes, Asthma/COPD, Hypertension, Chronic Heart Disease, Stroke, CKD.

They also offer all the clinics listed below: